The Skaters

Fran Altman
Brad Bettencourt

Cindy Bradley
Bob Butler

Ron Bass
Don Bonacci
Nancy Brown
Horace Butler

Lonnie Carbajal
Nancy Carol
Danny Carlson
Forrest Chadwick

Cathy Crawford

Eddie Cruse

Cassandra Escue

Derald Gaines

Carrington Garland

Howard Goldman

Sandy Gray

Barbara Guedel
Mark Gardner
Anthony Graham
Lewis "Deputy" Green

Myrian Harmon

Ry Hay
Greg Harris
Richard Hefetz

Dover Jenkins
Czarina Jones

Valeri Kendall

Michael Kirpatrick

Kelly Kulak
Laurene Landon

Julie Laven



C.C. Mayo
Kathy Mishkin

Pumpkin Mayo

Keith Moser

Jeff Osser

Barbara Otelsberg
Rita Preston

Kim Redway
Belson Sanchez

Dennis Sanders
Sheri Schell

Denise Schreyer
Kim Schreyer

Alan Scott
Darrel Sickel

Leesa Siegel

Lynn Tyner
Ellis Vernon
Richard Wagner
Larry Thompson
Joe Valenti
Ronnie Vines
Paul Wortheimer



Fred Blood
Tom Dilts
Mark Gnoho

Jerry Bregman
Michelle Gerard
Duke Rennie
Ticia Stucklen


Are you one of great these skaters listed?  Do you have a webpage you would like me to link to? Want to share your Roller Boogie experience with fans across the globe?  Just let me know and I will be happy to include anything you want. And don't forget to mention what scene you are in (plus what you are wearing, if you can remember)  so I can post a screencap and give you the recognition you deserve!