Drinking Game

Please be responsible!

After watching Roller Boogie on DVD with my friends so many times, we came up with a game to make it just a little more entertaining for the 21 and over crowd. (It's a G-Rated film, folks.) The rules are simple:


Take One Sip when..


Bobby says "Baby"

Bobby says "Terry!"

Terry says "Bobby!"

Lana calls Terry "Barkley!"

Any kind of fruit is mentioned.
When Hoppy is seen eating fruit

Every time Jim Bray has to lift Linda Blair

When Jammer Delaney takes a sip, so do you.

Every time Terry gives Bobby the brush off

C.C. Conway knocks someone over.

Anyone says the word "Cunga"

Lana is seen skating.

Gordo hits on Lana

Every time Jim Bray falls.

Whenever there is a gratuitous ass shot.


Take Two Sips When..


Bobby wears rainbow suspenders.


 Franklyn gropes Terry

When the car phone is used or mentioned.

Phones is seen without his headset on

Bobby hits Franklyn.

Bobby hi-fives someone or some other stupid-looking hand gesture


Jim Bray attempts to emote.


When actress Lynn Herring (General Hospital, Port Charles) is seen on screen


Anyone mentions the Olympics.

Anyone mentions Julliard

Take Two Drinks when.. Whenever either Bobby or Terry are not in their skates. (Cause where's the fun in that? Bottoms up!)