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Camelot - Mordred
Grease - Sonny
Two Gentlemen of Verona - Sir Brilliantine
The Me Nobody Knows - Donald
National Tour
Jacques Brel is Alive - 2nd Man
Grease - Sonny
Camelot - Mordred
New York Theatre
Dreamstuff - Caliban
Nightclub Confidential - Buck Holden
Landscape of the Body - Det. Holohan
Blues for Mr. Charlie - Lyle Britten
Monsieur Amilcar - Nicky
Glimpse of the Light - Little Sam
Trolls - Juan

Clean - Daniel
Regional Theatre
Lenny - Lenny Bruce
And Things That Go Bump - Seigfried
Papp - Papp
Julius Caesar - Lucius

Screencaps of Albert Insinnia from Roller Boogie

  Roller Boogie - Kimberly Beck and Albert Insinnia  

Updated: 7/7/2007