Star City Roll Out

From Roller Skating Magazine, 1980

"Casbah Productions will bring roller skating onto the screen this Fall in a one-hour cable television special/pilot entitled Star City Roll Out.  Jim Bray, co star of Roller Boogie, will host the pilot for Warner AMEX's Nickelodeon cable channel. Nickelodeon is a youth orientated channel which will reach nearly four million homes nationwide by this Fall.  Joining Bray will be professional roller dancers, stunt skaters, and a top name musical group.

Bray, a USAC skating champion, has been lacing up his skates competitively for over 12 years. The handsome native Californian has won every Artistic singles event in Singles competition and many national titles. Young and talented, Bray has 275 trophies to show for his skating prowess.

Principle shooting for this special/pilot will take place at NY's Roxy Roller Rink. In addition to homebase taping, the show will regularly send crews on location to Los Angeles and other areas to cover various skating activities.

Star City Roll Out was created to accommodate the more than 45 million American roller skaters and promises to be a unique form of roller entertainment. "

Star City Roll Out - Jim Bray