Jim Bray's National Competition Record (1968 - 1978)

Most Photos by: Randall Harbuck


Either Competing or Winning



Tiny Tots Boys Singles (2nd Place)

Juvenile "B" Singles (2nd Place)



Junior Mixed Pairs [with Robin Miller] (placement unknown)
Proficiency Test: 1FS

Juvenile Boys Singles (8th Place)
Juvenile Pairs (1st Place)
Proficiency Test: 5F


Elementary Boys Figures

(8th Place)
Elementary Pairs

[with skater Robin Miller] (1st Place)
Elementary Boys Singles

(1st Place)
Proficiency Test: 6F




Elementary Boys Figures (11th Place)

Elementary Mixed Pairs [with Robin Miller] (2nd Place)

Elementary Boys Singles (1st Place)








American Freshman Boys Singles (1st Place)
American Freshman Boys Figures (16th Place)
International Style Freshman Mens Figures (12th)
Freshman Mixed Pairs [with Melinda McCoy] (9th Place)


" 'Old pro' JIM BRAY, the young showman from Ontario, California, won his 5th National Championship this year at age 13. Jim has developed his own skating style and shows great potential for future years both as a Pairs and as a a Singles skater."
Skate Magazine, 1974 (Fall) pg 28



"..rising future stars such as. Robbie Coleman, Pat Jones, JoAnn Young and JIM BRAY were once again champions in their divisions, giving evidence that they will soon be names to be remembered in the skating world."   

1974 Yearbook of Champions pg 2





American Junior Mens Singles (1st Place)

"Junior events were filled with promising potential displayed by many of the up and coming skaters. Among the skilled performances highlighting the events were Singles Champions, Rick Elsworth, JoAnn Young, JIM BRAY and Janet Kerner."
1975 Roller Skating Yearbook of Champions, pg 3



"The quality of the American events did not let down in the lower divisions either. In Junior Men's  JIM BRAY from Orange, California, captured this title as he continues to move up the divisions with his great flair for showmanship."
SKATE Magazine, Fall 1975, pg 11








No National Placement.

Proficiency Test:  7F, 8F, 9F


1978 Southwest Pacific Regional Program

American Senior Mens Singles (2nd Place)


"exuberant JIM BRAY placed second..."Skate Magazine, Fall 1977, pg 20


Senior Mens Singles (3rd Place)



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