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Q. Why a website page on this guy?

A. Why not? Since Bray doesn't have one for himself.. (and he totally should) How could a guy who was that hot and talented NOT be represented on the web?  Jim Bray circa 2004?

Q. You have a lot of old photos, that's great. But what does Jim look like now?

A.   It's small but this ------------------------------>

should answer your question. (Isn't he still HOT?)

Q. When is his birthday?

A. According to 16 Magazine, James Mickael Bray was born in Upland, CA in  February of 1961. (He's a Pisces)

Q. I hear that Jim was on Love Connection.

A. Yes, he was. Nice and helpful  fans of his have contacted me about the appearance (thanks everybody!) and from what I gather--since I have not had the pleasure of watching it--the episode was shot in the early 1980s, he was picked (as opposed to being the picker), and was listed as "James: Hotel Manager" on the chyron. Jim did it on a "dare" . It wasn't a very good date, I hear ("two different worlds") --but that seems par for the course on Love Connection! (Updated 7/3/2005: Apparently this was shot in the 1980s. I guess everyone who emailed me and watched it in the 90s caught the rerun!)

 If anyone has this on tape or can offer even more info on what happened, drop me an email. Thanks.

Q. Was he on TV anytime else?

A. He appeared in the premiere episode of NBC-TV's  The Big Show (1980). Supposedly he also starred in the TV roller disco variety show Star City Roll Out, but I have reason to believe that it never aired. (Updated 6/15/2005: It was supposed to air on Nickelodeon. Still have no confirmation that it ever did.)



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