Movie Preview Program

The Story:

Terry Barkley (LINDA BLAIR), the daughter of a wealthy Beverly Hills lawyer, is a musical prodigy who has been accepted to study classical flute at Juilliard on scholarship. However, she feels alienated from her neglectful parents (ROGER PERRY & BEVERLY GARLAND). Terry and her friend, Lana, (KIMBERLY BECK) become acquainted with the young people in Venice where roller skating and boogie music have become a way of life.

Terry meets young, poor Bobby James (JIM BRAY), the best skater on the boardwalk. Bobby rents skates on the boardwalk but dreams of becoming a champion Olympic skater. The young people quickly fall for each other. He teaches her to disco skate while she prepares sheet music for a tune he composed. They become obsessed with the idea of winning the upcoming boogie dance contest at the Venice roller-rink. Terry, Bobby and their skating friends discover a scheme to demolish the rink to make way for a shopping mall. During a meeting, the ink owner is threatened with arson unless he sells. The young people overhear the secret conversation and accidentally record it.

Terry's father, who represents the planned mall but knows nothing of the gangster tactics, tries to prevent his daughter from association with the skaters. He agrees to meet with Terry's new-found friends from Venice and invites them to a music recital at their palatial home in Beverly Hills. Through a series of misunderstandings, the party is destroyed in a wild, hilarious fashion with many guests pushed into the Olympic swimming pool.

As Terry and Bobby try to save the rink, there is a spectacular chase between roller skaters and cars which take Terry and Bobby through a new skate park where they are forced to perform incredible stunts. Police and terry's father put an end to the ruckus, and the mall contract is declared invalid after Mr. Barkley hears the incriminating tape. The rink is saved and the roller boogie dance contest is held. Terry and Bobby are the winners in a joyous musical finale.

Terry decides to attend Juilliard. She and Bobby tenderly part, pledging to stay in touch.