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  1979 Casablanca Recording (Double LP Set)
and because it would not be the 70s without 8Track
Roller Boogie Soundtrack on 8 Track


Since there was no official lyric sheet (or at least there wasn't one with the album I bought) I did my best to disseminate the lyrics. (Cunga, of course is an instrumental.)

Some Cool Factoids about The Soundtrack (From Songwriter Michael Brooks)

Jean Shy's "Night Dancer" was the first Brooks-Esty song recorded

1979 was a big year for Bob Esty. Michelle Aller and Michael Brooks were brought in to write lyrics.

Brooks:  "Bob had just finished producing a second Cher disco album called Prisoner in the summer of '79 (which is where Hell on Wheels comes from originally), when we were all offered the job of doing the RB soundtrack. We never really thought it would be a great work of art but it was work ! We only had a few weeks to get some material together as primary shooting was well under way. My big moment was the Summer Love scenes, which you must admit is a BIG part of the drama ! It was all such fun."


A few notes on the soundtrack LP.

Brooks: "The only outside track was the Earth, Wind and Fire song which we had nothing to do with. Mavis Vegas Davis is , of course, Michelle Aller. Ron Green was a studio singer who was a friend of Bob's ( I trust you know the Pointer Sisters' version of We've Got The Power !) Johnnie Coolrock was just a local L.A. band that Larry Emerine was trying to push. I knew Stephen Marcussen, and Daryl Peck very well and Studio 55 (which no longer stands) was our home. I do recall that doing the Supertramp song Lord is it Mine was my idea! I was into Prog Rock as well as Punk and New Wave. There is actually a version of Bob trying Elvis Costello's Pump it Up which thankfully remains a RB out take !"

    These posed shots are so much fun. Great outfits, big smiles.
  Jim Bray and Linda Blair look great during the lifts. Good for them.

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 Cher's HELL ON WHEELS Single 45 from Japan with mystery song Git Down (Guitar Groupie) "Theme from Roller Boogie" 

Thanks to Marcus here is the Mp3 for Cher's  "Git Down (Guitar Groupie)"

  Cher's Hell on Wheels Japanese Single 45

If anyone has any information on this Theme from Rollerboogie, please contact me! Thanks.

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