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 Bobby James is a board walk skater (from Venice Beach, CA) with aspirations of  making it to the Olympics (for "artistic" skating, I would assume. I doubt that Olympic judges would be impressed with Roller Disco skating. Of course we have to ignore the fact that roller skating has never been an Olympic sport. ) Jim Bray is Bobby. In real life he was this highly successful amateur skater. More importantly he also has the fluffiest hair I have ever seen on a guy. But I digress. The film opens as Bobby has finished his Wheaties and joins his friend, Phones, and together they skate to work. Along the way they manage to create this odd conga line of fellow skaters showing us the audience what a a perfect place Venice Beach is for skate lovers.

Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, Terry Barkley is trying to figure out what Danskin leotard to wear. We get from seeing her room that she's into music (the classical kind) and the Bee Gees. Good for her. She is ignored by her wealthy parents, then takes off in her teal looks-like-it's-from-the-20s-but-it's-not Excalibur Phateon roadster. On the way she picks up her friend Lana who bitches about skating but loves her new Gucci skating bag anyway.


Bobby works the window at Horizon Skates where he rents quads to the locals. And apparently the management let him do what he wants because soon he is showing off to the crowd (in really short shorts. And those funny looking stripped socks that go up to the knee. 70s fashions, what a hoot!) Bobby is grabbing ladies from the circle that has formed around him and spins them around. He spies Terry and says "You're next." To which she brushes him off, much to his shock and dismay. This must make an impression with him because -- despite the easy availability of all the Venice Beach female skaters -- from that moment on he's got a thang for her. Bobby's friends try to convince she is out of his league -- and they do have a point -- but where would this movie be if he just gave up then and now??

The next day or whenever, Terry is showing off her music skills to her parents' friends. One of which is a slimy guy Terry's age (named Franklyn) that really won't take no for an answer. He plays a game of Russian hands/Roman fingers which lands him a pastry tray to his lap. We find out that she is New York bound. A Juilliard scholarship is waiting for her -- yes, even disgustingly wealthy people get scholarships! Terry tries to sneak off afterwards but he corners her in the 5 car garage. She resists his "charms" and manages to rip the towel he was wearing. We almost see the actor's butt but not really. (And I looked too.)


At Jammer's which is the roller rink in Venice all the kids go to apparently (or just the 50 roller skating extras the director uses in all the outdoor scenes) Terry and Lana pull in to the parking lot which prompts Bobby, Hoppy (Cassidy, his last name is according to the fruit truck he is seen with. Get it? Hopalong Cassidy? Well I got the joke. Go me.) and Gordo to say Bye Bye to the females they are chatting up and follow the car. Gordo hits on Lana, naturally (and he thinks that Bobby doesn't stand a chance? Um reality check, dude.) and Bobby helps Terry out of the car and with her awesome skate bag. He attempts to come off as suave but he is not impressing Terry much. Which, I'm sure only tantalizes him. The guys watch the ladies walk away and Gordo and Bobby make a bet that Bobby can get Terry to skate with him. The prize? Five bucks!


Inside Jammers we are given some really awesome skating montages set to

Earth, Wind & Fire's "Boogie Wonderland." (So infectious this song is, I immediately downloaded it off of Itunes.) Bobby and Terry circumnavigate the skating floor separately. Jim Bray is a pleasure to watch in this scene. He had a lot of skating talent! (I wonder if he skates now.) Except for the geeky hand gestures Jim Bray makes, he's a swinging guy! He does these awesome jumps and spins. Totally showing off. Linda Blair is not such the skater but she's got the acting chops. Put them together..


Alors. Bobby finally makes his skating move on Terry who is still not impressed! (How could you say no to him? He's so hot in that teen heartthrob, non-threatening type of way. Go for it, Terry!) He shows off some more. Eventually he saves her from being run over by C.C. Conway (who can't skate, but is probably played by an actor who is very excellent at skating so he can make it look like he sucks. Go him!) He has her in his arms and cons her into skating with him. She has other ideas. She wants to dance on skates. And Bobby is the guy to learn her ass some disco moves. Terry slips him a fiver and heads off to the Ladies. I guess Bobby wasn't expecting the fact that she's wants to keep it professional between them and chases her into the bathroom to set her straight. The brainiac gets kicked out promptly, of course.

Soon they are skating together in another montage. I am compelled to say how cute Linda and Jim look together, you can't ignore their flirty chemistry when they are making eyes at each other.  Gordo (who has successfully gotten Lana to skate with him) makes good with his end of the bet, much to the dismay of Terry who doesn't know what's going on. Soon her wheel is lose and we meet Jammer Delaney, a former roller derby vet who owns... wait for it.. Jammers! Bobby uses the excuse of fixing her wheel to feel up Terry's legs. He even makes the Joey "How you doing?" face. You too will be screaming at the screen, "ease up on the moves" because he really is coming on too strong. Terry thanks him and promptly leaves him, telling him to "keep the change, Bobby James."  (BEST.LINE.OF.THE.MOVIE)

Next sunny day. Terry, Lana and Franklyn are chilling around Terry's pool. She finds out that her parents aren't coming home for the weekend. Lana tries to commiserate with a really snotty story about her own problems, but it comes off very insincere. Over in Venice, Bobby and his shirtless friends are busy working out at Muscle Beach. (I guess growing up on Long Island, it always makes me curious that the city of Los Angeles would sponsor such a thing. We have lots of beaches, but most people work out before they go, not at the beach. Silly California.) CC and Phones torture Hoppy, it's all good. Eventually the conversation turns to Bobby. They want to go and meet women, he wants to work out. He pulls a hissy fit when they want him to come. (Why isn't Jim Bray more tan in this movie? Too bad they didn't have Magic Tans back then.) He loses the attitude a little before he leaves.

Terry and her friends are on the boardwalk. Terry is going off to skate. Lana bitches about it. Why did she come then. Terry finds Bobby on the boardwalk and ups her sexiness by revealing her bikini top. Bobby tries to act all cool again, but c'mon he wants her. She comes on pretty strong and soon they are making out on the beach. He stops, wants to know why she's so interested in him. (Um, Bobby, weren't you chasing her the other night??) She turns on the sex appeal. He's a jerk, she slaps him, she runs off, he follows, she takes off in her car, he punches Franklyn. Jim Bray is shirtless through out. Excellent.

Terry gets all angsty with her parents. Her mother is more worried about getting a headache than dealing with this brat. Terry runs away! (well not really.) She parks outside of Bobby's apartment window and sleeps there in the parking lot. Stalker much? The next morning, she cons some random skater in calling Bobby down to the pay phone. She's using her car phone, btw. A car phone in 1979? Exactly. He takes the phone call and is too dumb to look around the parking lot to spot the huge teal car there. Eventually Terry enlightens him or we could have been there all day.

Over breakfast, Terry apologizes for being a slutty bitch. (Honestly? I think Bobby liked it. JMO) She pays for a $10 dollar breakfast with her MasterCard. Terry still wants to pay him to teach her how to skate. I think he's still offended by money aspect, I don't know why. Maybe it makes him think he's a manwhore? He ups his price to $45.00 but then insists that he'll teach her to skate on his terms; which apparently means no money. {{shaking head}} Dude, you live in a one room apartment. Take the cash. She's got plenty.

More skating montages; only this time instead of watching great skaters, we get to watch Terry and Bobby. Bobby is having problems lifting her up. It's pretty awkward. They fall. He shows off and ends up falling.. etc. Eventually they stop and have a romantic stroll along the beach where they kiss with the sunset. Awwwww.

Later that night at Jammers, Bobby and Terry are making out at the snack bar. Jim Bray's hair is uber fluffy this time, if that's even possible. We find out that she's only been skating for 3 weeks! Yeah right! Looks like 1 too me. Although she is trying really hard. Yet another skating montage, then a {{shudder}} Conga line--only in this film is CUNGA. It's pretty fun to watch until Terry's wheel pops off. (She's so rich but can only afford cheap ass skates.)

In search of a lock for her wheel, Bobby and Phones go into a storeroom where they overhear Jammer being threatened by some mob guys to sell the rink. They run out of there, falling down the stairs even, to avoid the goons. They act all cool when the bad guys pass. They meet up with Hoppy and Gordo (and Lana who has been around looking for Terry.) Jim Bray has this speech and he tried really hard to get it out. Good job, Mr. Bray. They realize that Terry's father is a lawyer and that he could help. Right? What could go wrong with that?

Terry comes home, offers her mea culpa for "running away" and asks her father to speak with her friends. Surprisingly they are nice about it. They want them to come to Terry's last recital the next day. And they do. Bobby, Hoppy, Gordo, CC, and Phones arrive in Hoppy's fruit truck. Bobby is wearing tight blue jeans, white dress shirt, and a great looking burgundy sport coat. Very nice! The rest aren't as dressed, maybe 2 of them have bow ties on. The party is a high class lawn one and the guys feel out of place but they raid the buffet anyway. Cause that is what guys do, they eat. Trust me. The Bad Guys arrive at the party too! Turns out that Terry's father is representing the new mini mall company. The Roller guys want to split, but the recital begins. Terry enters in a red dress slit up to here -- very appropriate, I suppose, for a high class party. The group starts to play and the guys get into trouble trying to avoid the Bad Guys. They start knocking people into the pool, accidentally. It's mayhem, 70s style! The recital is over and Terry is pissed. Bobby wants to apologize, but she's a bitch again and storms off. CC ends up crashing into the cake (which looked really tasty, btw.)


Later the guys are back on the boardwalk. Bobby is bummed and the others guys are f-ing around. Danner, the fattest Bike cop I have ever seen, tells Bobby that Jammer signed the contracts and that it's legal. Gordo asks Bobby if he's heard from Terry, which he hasn't. The maid wouldn't even talk to him. He leaves and heads over to the rink where Jam is drunk in the DJ booth. Bobby pops in a tape (cassette, not 8 track) and dedicates his skating routine to Jammer Delaney, who probably has passed out and can't watch anyway. Jim Bray gets his 3 minute skating solo. His routine is really good, and yes it's edited but it's all him. Him in a tight yellow shirt with the letters B and J done in sequins on it. {{shudder}} The routine is done to the tune "Lord, Is It Mine" Which I think is a Supertramp song, though they do not sing it for the film. Very moving. Lots of emoting by Jim Bray. Awesome skating.

When he's done, Terry gives him some weak applause. Bobby lets her know the bad news, he's looking pretty sad, so she holds him. Awwww.

Next day, Bobby is chilling shirtless on the rocks at Venice Beach. He has tight white pants on. Wouldn't a bathing suit make more sense? Oh well. We left sensible an hour ago. Bobby walks along the beach, and unbeknownst to him he is being trailed by Bad Guy #2. He meets up with his friends and finds out that Phones has become a Hare Krishna. (I guess Phones was lost.. ) He gave Hoppy his radio. Just at that moment, the tape reveals enough evidence to prove that Jammer was coerced. (How convenient!) Bobby takes the tape and tells his friends that the Boogie Contest is back on for the night.

Terry's mansion. Four pieces of matched luggage are waiting by a Rolls Royce. Terry is leaving for New York and Franklyn and Lana are there to see her off. Just then Bobby arrives in Hoppy's truck and gets Terry (and Lana, for some strange reason) to come with him. He tells them that he has a tape that will kill the deal and save the rink. The whole skating gang is at Jammer's house trying to convince him to stay because apparently he was moving to Arizona. (Hoppy performs a Public Service Announcement and tells him not to drink on the road. Thank you. ) Bobby and Terry turn on their puppy dog eyes and it works. Not that anyone could resist Jim Bray.

Then the Bad Guys show up. Bobby and Terry take the tape and skate off back to the rink with the goons in tow. All kinds of crazy stunts ensue. Jim Bray looks hella cute with that helmet on. Just saying. They cut through a skate park (that today would have skateboarders and bladers but back then it was still quad skaters) and do a few of the pools. Eventually they end up at Jammer's where the gang is already there. Why didn't they get a ride with them? The Bad Guys try to take the tape. The Head Bad Guy pulls a gun and CC causes a struggle. Bobby ends up on top of the Head Bad guy and the gun goes off. Fortunately there are no Boogie related deaths in this film. Danner shows up in the nick of time, cause you know an unarmed Boardwalk Policeman will do so much.

The Boogie People want to play the tape but the Bad Guys say No. Terry's 'rents show up (when did they get a phone call??) Phones manages to play the tape over the PA system and Terry's father says the contract is null and void. So the Boogie Contest goes on! (as if there was any doubt..)

We have to sit through three Boogie contest couples before we see Bobby and Terry. Two out of the three are very very good and you'll wonder how Terry and Bobby win this thing.. until you realize that Terry's folks are judging! (Reminiscent of Florida in the 2000 elections..) Finally our Golden Couple take the floor. Jim Bray has on these red pants, a white satin shirt that has been Bedazzled a bit too much. The wardrobe people put Linda Blair in a white leotard that also has seen too much Bedazzling. They look cute together!  Granted that most of the work is done by Jim Bray in these scenes (which, I mean he is doing all the skating and the lifting) he's amazing. Even Linda Blair is pretty good for what she does.

Anywho, their routine is pretty fun! There are times when you know you are watching someone else skate for Linda, but that's okay. She's an actress, not a skater. Like Jim Bray is not an actor.. The lifts go well, and the actors still have that nice chemistry between them. They don't fall or anything. It's a miracle considering their last tries at the lifts previously in the film.

The contest is over and no surprise that Terry and Bobby win! (The African American couple look pissed. They were much better.) Their skating friends lift them onto their shoulders -- watch and see that one of the men hoisting Bray slips and bit and he looks extremely nervous. But he's just goes with it. I suppose he's used to be hoisted up on people's shoulders. The guy had won like 275 trophies by then. Oh wow they saved the rink AND won the Big Boogie Contest! {{rolling eyes}} You know you were worried there for a while. Admit it.

The next day -- or whenever -- Terry and Bobby say goodbye. Terry wants him to have the Boogie trophy, but his place is too small. He wants her to have it, but it wont fit in her suitcase. (Um, you could mail it to yourself in NY. You're rich.) Just someone take the damn trophy already! Bobby takes it. (Thank God.) They hug, kiss, say goodbye. They have each other's addresses (do you think they will write? Honestly? No.) She tells him he's going to be big someday. (Think he will? Honestly? No.) She drives off in her flashy teal car and Bobby skates off.

I like how the movie ends where it really began; just Bobby and his dreams on the Venice Boardwalk. It has nice symmetry, even if it is in a 70s disco movie.

OMG, just read the script (3rd draft, 2nd revision) and it's a totally different film than the one we got! Wow. Instead of the Olympics, there is this whole subplot about Bobby being this songwriter/musician. Terry helps him with his song. I suppose that once they found Jim Bray, realized what this guy can do on skates.. who needed a musical B story?? So I guess they chopped it out and increased the number of skating scenes because Jim Bray spends most of the movie just showing off (much to my delight!) Although I do believe that some of the cut scenes were filmed.

If you'd like to read some of the older scenes, you'll need Adobe.

Bobby and His Gang Write Their Song: Part 1 and Part 2

Instead of Bobby's dramatic solo skate,

it used to be a Pairs routine: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


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