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Cover Photo of Linda Swain


Fred R. Staples, Patti Simon, Bob LaBriola

Skating Scene Page(s) 7
  • Former President of the RSROA Passes Away (Robert Gould)   P
  • People: Kathy Matheson was chosen to promote roller skating in Australia   P
  • Firsts: John Gustafson is the first skater in RSROA to hold 5 Proficiency Test Gold Medals
  • Birth:  Frank & Ellie (Ringeisen) Hilton
  • Invitational Speed Meet a Huge Success
Miss Teenage America Page(s) 11  12

Wendy Galante & David Golub were a hit on Prime Time at the Miss Teenage America Pageant   P

Suzi Skates Page(s) 15
Susan Ann Johnson uses her skating skills to make a lucrative career  P
Roller Disco Page(s)  16  17

Gary Fudge talks about the latest craze hitting the skating rinks   P

Artistic World Competition Page(s) 18  19  20  21

Montreal hosted the World's best    P

Areseneault  and Littel Page(s)   23

 About the dance team of world champions Fleurette Arseneault and Dan Littel   P

High Point, North Carolina

Speed skating team   P

Leonardo Lienhard Page(s) 26  27

Former world champ discusses his skating experiences  P

Gold Medal Recipients Page(s)  29
Spotlight on Tulsa Page(s) 30  31

John Matejec and Cecil Davis's Skate World rink in Tulsa  P

The Experts on Jumping Page(s)   32  33

Elmer Ringeisen and Jim Pollard give responses to readers' questions regarding jumping   P

Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of Kimberly Campbell  (Randall Harbuck)


Rev. John F. McGuire, James Turner

Who Roller Skates?
Kimberly Campbell Page(s)  8  9

In her 1977 Championship presentation, Kimberly Cambell brought a new excitement to Freshman Girl's Singles skating  P

USAC Official Notice
Sew A Skate Case
Dean Maynard Page(s) 20  21

Meet the 1977 Senior Men's Singles Champion Dean Maynard  P

South America

Showmanship in South America  P

Speed   P
Charles Santoro Page(s) 26  27  44

Uncle Charlie's contribution to skating   P

Skating Scene Page(s) 28  29
  • Weddings (Ronald A. Cotton, Jr & Bethany Evans, Patti Jean Wilkinson & Michael Dwayne Hurley,  Linda Gyenese & Gary Fudge)
  • Exhibition Skating (Larry Chopp & Judy Landau appeared as a special attraction at the Farmington Sports and Variety Show)
  • TEEN Magazine devoted 3 pages to: Linda Todd, David Golub & Wendy Galante, JoAnne Young, Robbie Coleman, Shari Ingles, Colleen Daly, Emily Notrica, Kimberly Campbell, Sandy Johnston
  • Births: (Michael and Karen Crickmore, Jim and Lucy Buck)
  • Deaths: (Oliver L. Tillinghast, Carl Morris, Ozzie Nelson)   P
Gold Skate Classic Page(s) 30 31 33 34

The Gold Skate Classic XIII 2/28 and 2/29, 1978, Bakersfield California  P

Competition Schedules
Nationals - Schedule of Events
Bonaventure Skating Center Page(s) 42  43

Bonaventure Skating Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan  P

Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of JoAnne Young


Dottie Babcock and the Members of the Housewives' Class, David Tassinari

Skating Scene Page(s) 5
  • Bettie Jennings: Chosen Life Member   P
  • Ron Jellse Named New President of SRSTA   P
  • Another "Star" on Roller Skates   P
The History of Roller Skating
Championship Officials
1978 World Speed Championship
The Development of Free Skating

Compare routines from 1944 to one by JoAnne Young in 1977

Rink Spotlight:  Golden Skate Page(s) 14  15

Golden Skate in San Ramon, California  P

Maryland's "Entertainment '78"
Profile of a Champion: Natalie Dunn Page(s) 21  24  25  28

A poster of Natalie Dunn with the story of her skating career   P

Proficiency Tests


Who Roller Skates?

Photos of Martha Carradine, Keith Carradine, Cher, Mary McDonough, Judy Norton Taylor, and Sean Marshall  P

Skating's Fatigue Factor Page(s)  7   9

Signs of and cures for muscle fatigue  

Skating Scene Page(s) 13
  • "The Good Skates"
  • Roller Skating Music Man  (Ardean Watts)  P
1978 National Championships Page(s) 15 16 17 19

Spotlight on precision and perfection in Lincoln  P

1978: The Year of the Wheel -- Speed Competition   P
1978 Championship Results Page(s) 26  27
1978 Ball Roller Hockey Championships
Roller Disco: Excerpt from "Keep on Rollin"
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