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Cover Photo of Kathleen O'Brien DiFelice, Anna Conklin and Tina Kneisley (D. DiFelice)

Editorial: Recapping Our Efforts with the International Olympic Committee
Skaters Scene Page(s)   5  7  9
  • Baby Pitcher (Jeffrey Bryan born to Bill and Moana Pitcher)
  • "Roller Skating" (Poem)  by Tracey Hardinger
  • Kessinger to Skate Worlds
  • Naros Welcome Addition
  • Japanese Skaters at Roller World   P
  • It's a Small (Skating) World
  • Indiana USAC/RS Honors Skaters
  • Skating Club Makes Good Use of Ballet Training (Yuma Rollerland)  P
  • Special Proficiency Recognition
  • Skating Commandments
  • Skating Judge Passes Away  (Ruth Leeson)
  • A New Look for Great Lakes  P
  • "Figure Number One" (Poem) by David Stevenson
  • Trussell Qualifies for CIA (Commission Internationale des Arbitres)
A Tale of Two Races: How Well Do you Understand the Significance of the USAC/RS Sanction?

Explores the confusion regarding the new USAC/RS Sanctioning    P

Robin Howington

About speed skater Robin Howington from the Highview Speed Skating club    P

First Aid For Skaters

Training notes for Skating injuries such as muscle cramps, strained hamstrings, floor burns and blisters

The Formidable Foresees

The Foresees (Belinda, Dwight, Cindy and Brent) are all talented in the sport of Roller Hockey    P

Buenvinido Bogotá Page(s)  37  38  39

Coverage of the 1980 World Meet held in Bogota   P

Letters to USAC/RS

Elise Reisling, USAC/RS Administrator, Kathlee Matheson Park, Robert Galambos  P,  Peter Kanjorski, Judi Dirks, J. Wildebrandth, Mrs. Margot Dainowski

World Artistic Meet Results Page(s) 45
USAC/RS Sanctioned Competitions
Gold Medal Proficiency Test Winners Page(s)  47
Reinventing the Wheel

Reinventing the wheels becomes an ongoing driving exercise in product development, as skating rolls into the 80s and the wheel carries it there 

Skaters on Parade Page(s) 60  61
  • "From Beginning to End.." (about skater Gerry Goodman)
  • "Dedication's Own Reward" (about skater Milton Carter)
  • "A Logical Progression" (about the skating team of Ed and Sandie White)
  • "Hands Across the Ocean" (skater Nicki Armstrong was featured for a Japanese TV show)
Competitive Requirements for the 80/81 Season
USAC/RS Official Notice
RSM Listing


Cover Photo of Tony St.Jacques

Skaters Scene Page(s) 7 9 10
  • International support of Roller Skating increasing
  • The new magazine "Skating Life" premieres
  • Results f the "Design a Skating Dress" contest: Robin Cumiford, Cindy Boehenlien and Gwen Calabro were the top winners
  • Skaters were part of Detroits Hudsons Thanksgiving Day Parade  P
  • Births: Dean & Brenda Syron have a new daughter, Deanna Marie
  • Kathryn Hohl shares her insight into what a judge is really thinking
  • Red Shattuck was elected President of CIPA
  • Deaths: Mrs. Gladys Collins; T.P. 'Mickey" Meixell
  • Skaters prepare for the Second Annual Zane's Trace Roller Race  P
  • The SRSTA will hold a three-day Teachers Seminar preceeding the Nationals in Fort Worth
  • Weddings: Mary Hohl and Tony Barriere
  • Charles Kirchner is responding well to therapy and is back up to practicing with partner Linda Todd
Tony St.Jacques Page(s) 13

About the 1980 Senior Men Figures titlist  P

USAC/RS Sanctioned Meets
Going By the Book

Excerpts from "Choreography and Style for Ice Dancers" by Ricky Harris 

America Roller All-Stars Page(s) 22 23 24 27 28

A list of the greats this sport has scene. Speed: Pat Bergin, Roland Cioni, George Grudza, Scott Harroty, Tony Merilli, Eddie Perales, Tim Small, Harold Wyant, Pamela Dickey, Susie Johnson, Jamie London, Mary Merrell, Evalyn Olsen, Marcia Yager; Artistic: Cecil Davis, Michael Jacques, Lex Kane, John Matejec, Rick Mullican, J.W. Norcross Jr., Ron Robovitsky, David Tassinari, Adolph Wacker, Edgar Watrous, April Allen, Laurene Anselmi, Fleurette Arseneault, Phyllis Bulleigh, Natalie Dunn, Darlene Edwards, Linda Mottice, Jane Puracchio, Gail Robovitsky, Carolyn Sliger; Hockey: Johnny "Preacher" Black, Dickie Chado, Pat Ferguson, Dub Graham, Roy Huckaby, Bill Sisson, David Sisson, Dickie Sisson, Dickie Thibodeaux, Danny Trussell.  P

The Jitters
Bearings: The Key to Smooth Rolling Wheels Page(s) 32
Kerri Schweiger: Making it to the Top  Page(s) 34

About Pacifc Northwest region skater Kerri Schweiger  P

One of These Days Page(s) 36 37 40 41 69

Coverage of the 1980 USA World Hockey team  P

Road and Track

Outdoor speed racing  P

San Juan Training Journal Page(s) 49 50

Robb Dunn shares his experiences training for the US World Speed Team  P


Mrs. C.L. Albright; Charles Jacobs; Art and Dorothy Burgess; Jean Brackoneski; Susan Theis

Competitive Requirements for 1981 US Amateur RS Championships
RSROA Officers
Stroudsburg Sports Camp  P Page(s) 57
Tips From Tink: Stay Away from Aircraft Lock-Nuts!
USAC/RS Official Notice
1980 World Speed Championship Results  Page(s) 67


Cover Photo of Paul Price & Tina Kneisley

Skaters Scene Page(s) 5 7 9 11
  • Vicki Jo Wharton always wanted to take lessons and now she is
  • Holly Valente, Billy Richardson, and Charles Feener  were honored at the New England Chapter RSA   
  • Youth Hockey is on the drawing table
  • Stress fractures
  • The first annual Hawaiian Invitational Roller Skating Meet was successfully held
  • Tommy Andrew us recuperating after undergoing open heart surgery
  • Wedding: Keith King and Jeanne Chestock  P
  • Deaths: Caryn Diiorio
  • David G. Goemer celebrated his 90th birthday
  • USA World Team Prepares for Speed Meet
  • Births: Mike and Darcy Fleming have a new son, Christopher
  • Julie Ziegler (age 13)  P
  • Nathan Parra
  • Randy Runyan  P
Sports Medicine: Knee pain Page(s) 13 15
Presidential Sports Award
Book Review: The Sweet Spot in Time
Roller Hockey Equipment
Hockey: Esteves Valley Shoot-Out   P Page(s) 22
Winning Ways Page(s) 25

Winning designs in the "Design a Skating Dress Contest"

The Derby City Classic   P Page(s) 27 63
The Omni Skating Club   P Page(s) 31
Introducing.. US Federation for Amateur Roller Skating  Page(s) 32
The More Things Change  Page(s) 33 34

About speed skater Pat Bergin   P

The Gold Skate Classic Page(s) 36 37

Coverage of the 1980 Gold Skate Classic in Bakersfield, CA   P

Tips from Tink: Three Musts for Mounting (Sand, Align and use Bolts)  Page(s) 39
SkatErie Invitational: Hands Across the Border  Page(s) 41

The SkatErie Invitational  P

Special Preview: Sports Festival   P Page(s) 43 44 45
Special Preview: World Games     P Page(s) 47 48
Special Preview: 1981 Nationals  P Page(s) 49 50 51
Skater Coast to Coast  Page(s) 52 53
  • Stephan Langlois and Kristina Conti   P
  • The Patera family (Tony, Marietta, Jason and Paul, Dave)  P
  • Alex and Phyliss Antoninich  P
The 1981 Tampa Classic   P Page(s) 57

Jim and Helen Whalen; Jeffrey Rabold; Dorothy Stillwagon; Barbara Jackson; Dale Pritchard; Markie Walker; Sam Mandolesi; James Bohanon

Official Schedule of Events 1981 US Amateur Roller Skating Championships


Skaters Scene Page(s)  5  7  9
  • A Special Dancer (Alison Gary)
  • Argentina Skaters Prepare for Show   P
  • Skater Wins Florida Trip (Gaye Caine)   P
  • US Skaters Tour Japan
  • Night of Champions Honors Uncle Charlie   P
  • News Release.. Zane's Trace Roller Race Results
  • Edgewood Skater to be Subject of Documentary (Corinne Agor)
  • Olivia Joins Skaters in Bayswater (Olivia Newton John)   P
  • Skate for Heart  P
  • Baby Skaters on the Scene (Victor and Darlene Monacelli, Dan and Becki Whittaker, Dick and Kathy Young, Larry and Annie Guzman all had babies)
  • Skaters on Parade (Whatcom County Skating Club's skate show)  P
  • Words of Wisdom
Coming Full Circle: An Interview with Peggy Wallace

Peggy Wallace shares her rich skating history  P

Go for the Gold!

On why skaters should go for try for their Gold Medals (including photo of Cindi Saldi)  P

On Turning Pro Page(s)  19  21

Champion skaters discuss their decisions to turn pro; includes Fleurette Arseneault, Kelly Mahon, Natalie Dunn Taylor, Eric Portus, etc  P

Trackside: Scenes from the National Speed Coached Clinic

Colorado Springs hosted an informative show-and-tell session for both speed coaches and the USA Speed Team  P

Endless Summer    P
USOC Sports Festival III: The Torch is Passed Page(s) 30   31   32

Coverage of the third Olympic Sports Festival held in Syracuse  P

World Games I: Bravissimo! Manifique! Terrific! Page(s)  33     34

Light coverage of the 1981 World Games to be held in Belgium

Nationals Page(s)  35   36  37

Coverage of the 1981 National Artistic Championships held in Ft. Worth Texas  P

Nationals: Speed
Nationals: Roller Hockey
Caught In Film Page(s) 51

Photos of several skaters from Nationals (TIna Kneisley, Tammy Jerue, Bryan Denny & Joyce Heck, Cindy Smith & Mark Howard, Dana Miner & Rick Garrett)    P

Steam Heat: A Profile of Tom Peterson Page(s) 52  53

About speed skater Tom Peterson   P

Classified Ads
Skaters: Coast to Coast Page(s) 56  57
  • "A Not so Odd Couple" (Roy Hart, Jr. and Violet Hehman)  P
  • "Laura Yost"   P
Raiders of the South Sea

Cumberland Raiders of MD journeyed to Portsmouth, England   P

Sports Medicine: A Wholistic Approach to Coaching

Joe Nemanich, Tina Kaikaro, Julie Carter, David Podolsky, Mike Moran, Steven Courtney P

Museum Update
Tips from Tink: Broken King Pins
RSM Listing