Artistic Roller Skating

Artistic Roller Skating


 I want to help save the history of our sport and you can be of great help!

If you  have photos from your skating days and have access to a scanner (or know someone who does) , please send them along! I will create a special gallery just for your photos. They can be of anyone (yourself, your kids, students, coaches--just please label them), of anything (programs, skates, medals, etc), and from any time frame (past or present).

Email them to me and I will take care of the rest.

(Do me a favor, I tend to not open emails with attachments unless I know the person, so if you want to send me something, just let me know in a simple email first. Thanks!)



Photo Galleries

Photo Collections


The Tim Laskey Collection (New!) (6/2011)
Part 1 - Part 2
Casino Roller Picture (circa 1940s) (8/1/2008)

The Melissa Weimer Collection

(Featuring photos of Mary and Virla Landon)  (3/3/2008)

The Sandi Markland Collection (updated 10/9/2007)

The Bob Taggi Collection  (updated 8/17/2007)

Featuring photos from the 2003 National Championships

The Bob Taggi Collection: Part II  (updated 10/7/2007)

More photos from the 2003 National Championships & Various Candids of Champions

The Bob Taggi Collection: Part III  (updated 9/12/2007)

Photos of Sara and Alexandra Taggi

The Tom Bense Collection (updated 8/30/2007)

Featuring a myriad of photos covering his skating/coaching career, historical skating pictures and images of miscellaneous memorabilia  including a focus on the legendary Mineola Skating Rink.











1940s Era Magazine Ads Featuring Roller Skaters (1/30/2009)
Excerpt from the Badminton Library of Sports & Pastimes Covering Ice and Roller Skating (1892)  (12/2/2008)
 Roller Skating Spectacular Program (8/19/2008)
1967 - 1969 - 1970

1930s era Arena Gardens (Detroit, Michigan) Skate Club Yearbook Covers with info on Fred Martin and the birth of the RSROA

(Expanded and Updated 12/4/2008)

 - The Barry Raff Collection -  (6/23/2008)
Personal Photos
Skating Skills: The Comic
Skating Memorabilia from the 1800s & 1900s (4/6/2008)
Excerpt from the book SKATING (1892) (4/6/2008)
Misc Skating Competition Programs (4/6/2008)
Other Skating Publications - All Skate, International Skating, Roller Skating (4/6/2008)

The Robert Wollard Collection (10/24/2007)

Scans of roller skating stickers


Gold Skate Classic Programs (10/6/2007)

Program scans from the early Gold Skate Classics! (1966, 1967.. more to come)

1966 - 1967 - 1969


1969 Southwest Pacific Regional Championship Program (10/12/2007)

Part 1 - Part 2


Contact! Monthly Letter of the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association of America (November 1972) (11/4/2007)


1976 Central Regional  Championship Program (11/8/2007)
Part 1 - Part 2
1978 Central Regional  Championship Program (11/24/2007)

        Updated 1/30/2009