Artistic Roller Skating



USA Roller Sports -

National Museum of Roller Skating -

United States Amateur Roller Skating Association

Featuring placements, photos and history of the USARSA. One of the most informative sites I have ever viewed. Due yourself a favor and check it out!

Vintage Roller Skating Facebook Group

Easy way to connect with skaters, post pictures, etc. Social Networking meets our favorite sport!

Jayson Sutcliffe (Rolaboi)

Jayson is a world champion skater, author, and webmaster extraordinaire! Features one the best modern-day skate website coverage around. Great photos and text.

Skate Log

The Other best modern skating coverage around!

Roller Skaters Gazette

Modern coverage of the sport with plenty of nods to the past


Palace Roller Skating Center - 111586 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia PA

Fitness -  A site dedicated to meeting all of your skating and fitness information and equipment needs!

Regional Skating Group Sites - North Central  - Great Lakes  - Southwest Region - archive - South Central (Updated!) - Southern Region - Northeast Region

Skate Ghost

www.skateghost.comSkate Ghost is on  a mission to save our sport!  Give it a read

Skating Videos Large indexed collection of links artistic roller skating videos online (youtube)

Skating Music - Collection of vocal (and instrumental) dance skating music which sell for the cost of materials + postage.

Dance Patterns - The largest collection of dance skating patterns online.


New Dreamland Arena Roller Rink (Newark)

Personal Sites - When a skater turned into an actor, magic happened - Former skater Rob Campbell shares his memories and views on the sport - Regina C. combines her love of skating with her Embroidery biz = Great jackets for all kinds of skaters


Misc Sites

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