Skaters M-P

Marshall & Ford - Skate Magazine - Winter 1973Marshall (Dana) & Ford (Janis)

From: North Canton, Ohio

Pro: Linda Clemens

Rink: North Canton Roll Arena

National Titles: American Free Dance 1973;

Misc: Awarded Bronze in  International Pairs 1972;


"When Dana Marshall and Janis Ford won the American Free Dance Championship in Forth Worth this summer, it was a first in more ways that one. It was the first time either of them had won a National Championship, it was their first year of skating American Free Dance, their first year with coach Linda Clemens, and most amazing, their first year of skating together. " SKATE Magazine, Winter 1973



Marshall, Toon,  Jerue,  Collier - Skate Magazine - Spring 1972

Skate Magazine - Spring 1972Marshall (Karen), Toon (Richard), Jerue (Judy), and Collier (Dennis)

From: San Leandro, California
Pro: Jim Pringle
National Titles: Senior Fours 1968; Senior Fours (with Paula Spangle instead of Marshall) 1969; Senior Fours  (with Paula Spangles instead of Marshall) 1970; Senior Fours 1971;

Misc: Toon and Jerue won Senior Fours with Frank Souza and Helen Johnson in 1963;


On Skating Fours: "Skating Fours does present some problems that other skaters wouldn't have, and the group admits that it also has its share. Fortunately, they don't have problems getting along (quite the opposite in fact, Karen and Dennis became engaged last November) but there are some problems in getting together for practice since two of them have to travel 100 miles for practice, and in keeping the team together. Coach Jim Pringle says that the clue to finding a good Fours group is to find four good skaters, and then find a skating style suitable for all four of them. If this is the case, it is understandable why Karen, Richard, Judy and Dennis make such a good team. " SKATE Magazine, Spring 1972

Dean Maynard - Skate Magazine - Spring 1978

Dean Maynard - Skate Magazine - Spring 1978Maynard, Dean

From: San Diego, California
Pro: Carol Woolstenhulme;
National Titles: Elementary Boys Singles 1971; Freshman Boys Singles 1973; Senior Mens Singles 1977;

Misc: Was friends with skater Jim Bray circa 1975;



" Dean Maynard, from San Diego, skated a strong routine incorporating the theme from STAR WARS, He has excellent form on his spins and jumps and was well-received by the audience. " SKATE Magazine, Fall 1977

"When asked about the advantages to be gained from competition, Dean replied: 'To set a goal, and to reach it; to accomplish all you have worked for--that feeling of pride is what it's all about.' " SKATE Magazine, Spring 1978

Kathleen OBrien DiFelice - Skate Magazine - Fall 1980



O'Brien (DiFelice),  Kathleen


From: Edgewater park, NJ
National Titles: International Junior Ladies 1972; Junior Ladies figures 1973; Senior Ladies Figures 1975;

Misc: Skated in 1979's National Sports Festival II and placed second;


"Twenty-year-old Kathleen O'Brien of Levittown, PA, won her first World team spot by placing third in the division." SKATE Magazine, Fall 1978






Palm, Debbie


From: East Meadow;



National Titles: Senior Ladies Figures 1972; Senior Ladies Figures 1973; International Senior Ladies 1973;  Senior Ladies Figures 1974; International Senior Ladies 1975;

Misc: Numerous World Championship placements


American Championships, 1972: "Very impressive was the word for the brilliant execution of the school figures by Debbie Palm. Debbie went into the free skating with a substantial lead over the other contenders. Because of a knee injury she left out many of her jumps and although she skated a solid, well-choreographed program her content was only able to land her a Silver Medal. " SKATE Magazine, Fall 1972


World Championships, 1974: "Debbie Palm of the U.S. was our only hopeful in approaching Segrid Mullenbach in figures. It is hopeful that in future competitions she becomes capable of posing a substantial threat to the German's commanding lead in this area. Also an outstanding free skater, Debbie takes advantage of her height to stretch out of landings and arch high during spins. Skating in royal blue, Debbie skated a well rounded routine featuring one last spin combination of great difficulty: IF camel-IF sit earning her marks ranging from 5.9 in technical merit to 5.7 in artistic impression." SKATE Magazine, Fall 1974

Marian Pickup and Wayne Melton - Skate Magazine

 Pickup (Marian) & Melton (Wayne)


From: Redwood City, California
Pro: Jim Pollard
Rink: Redwood City Skating Club
National Titles:

Misc: Won in Dance during the 1974 Gold Skate Classic; won in Artistic Dance during the 1978 Gold Skate Classic;  The 1979 Gold Skate Classic dedicated to him and Lorry Orcutt;

American Championships, 1977: "In second place were two familiar faces on the free dance scene, Wayne Melton and Marian Pickup, skating an extremely skillful routine." SKATE

Magazine, Fall 1977

Skate Magazine - Spring 1979Carrier Piechota - Skate Magazine - Winter 1979Piechota, Carrie

From: Parma, Ohio
Pro: Jerry Waters
Rink: USA Roller Skating Club
National Titles: Sophomore Ladies Singles 1978;

Misc: Won Freshman Pairs (with Michale Toman) in 1976; During the 1978 World Championships, she finished fourth in Pairs with partner Michael Toman;


On the 1978 World Championships (by Michael Toman): "Carrie and I practiced each day of the week, taking about one or two days off during the entire month. We worked two to three hours on our short program in the morning and two or three hours on the long program in the afternoons. We simulated the smaller floor by place pylons along the surface as barriers. Our routine was probably our best performance of the year, although we had just a bit of difficulty negotiating the smaller floor. There were no outright falls or misses; however, helpful critics said some of the items lacked virtuosity." SKATE Magazine, Winter 1979

Puracchio & Stephens - Skate MagazinePurrachio (Jane) & Stephens (James)


From: Vineland, New Jersey

Pro:  Warren Danner


National Titles: Senior International Style Dance 1973; Senior International Dance 1974; World Dance Champions 1974;

Misc: Jane earned numerous National Championships on her own;

"After skating together for only 10 months, they became members of the World Team for the 1972 World Championships in Bremen, West Germany, by placing second in International Senior Dance at our National Championships. Jim and Jane were thrilled to have a spot on the team, headed by National, and soon to be World, Dance Champions, Bonnie Lambert and Tom Straker. While much of the attention at the World Meet was on Lambert and Straker as they skated to a World Title, Jim and Jane caught many a person's eye as they skated remarkably well in their first World Meet and finished a respectable 5th. " SKATE Magazine, Summer 1974