Skaters R-Z

Rhoades - Skate Magazine - Summer 1980Rhoades (Jerry) & Rhoades (Sherry)

From: Gresham, Oregon


Rink: Skate World

National Titles:  

Misc: Jerry Rhoades used to be a student of Tom Panno--got his first lesson with the famed coach when fellow club skater Jim Bray was sick (Roller Skating Magazine, August 1980); won the RSROA Coca-Cola National Roller Disco contest;


"Jerry and Sherry's roller disco is magic on wheels. With a reputation as a dynamic disco dance couple behind them, they are fast making a name of themselves in roller disco. And what better way to begin, than to win the contest that places them as the number one disco couple in the nation. " SKATE Magazine, Summer 1980

Skate Magazine - Fall, 1970Robovitskys (Gail & Ron)

From: Detroit, Michigan
Pro: Penny Money
Rink: Northland Roller Rink
National Titles: Elementary Pairs 1961; Freshman Pairs 1963; Senior Pairs 1967; Senior Pairs 1968; Senior Pairs 1969; Senior Pairs 1970; Senior Pairs 1971; Senior Pairs 1972;

Misc: First Americans to win Gold at the World Championships in 1970; They continued to win gold at World's in 1972 and 1973;


"This renown brother and sister team from Northland Roller Rink in Detroit, Michigan are a quiet and basically unassuming pair. Skating and competing means a great deal to them. They do not seem to mind the long hours of practice, the expense, the failures; they Robovitskys - Skate Magazinewelcome the challenge and promise to be on the skating scene for a long time." SKATE Magazine, Fall 1970


"Our best known 'skating celebrities', the World Champion Robovitskys, continued their supremacy in the Senior Pairs event. Ron and Gail skated a flawless routine to capture the American event and go on to defend their title as World Champions." SKATE Magazine, Fall 1972




Skate Magazine - Winter 1975Sabo & McDonald - Skate Magazine - Winter 1975Sabo (Ron) & McDonald (Sue)


From: Steubenville, Painesville
Pro: Lou Pannunzio
Rink: Brookpark Roller Rink
National Titles: Senior Pairs 1975;

Misc: Sue (with partner Less Cortese) took Sophomore Pairs 1971; Sue won Sophomore Ladies Singles 1974; Won Pairs at the 1974 World Championships in Spain; Ron eventually partnered with Darlene Waters and won Gold at Worlds in 1976 and 1977;



World Championships, 1974:"With the US skating in the bottom one third of the rotation, the evening was highlighted by the superb performance of Ron Sabo and Sue McDonald who took the floor in their bid for the World title. Their choreography was excellent as was their choice of music. Skating to Madame Butterfly and Scottish Rhapsody, Ron and Sue immediately demonstrated their expertise in the overhead lift department opening with a one arm cartwheel which was flawless in body line and turned rhythmically in time with the music. Also in this difficult and polished program, the handsomely matched couple skated to the beautiful Onedin Line which featured a roll over impossible spin. The eventual champions, Ron and Sue received near perfect marks for their victory over the powerful West German champions Michael Weingart and Eveline Diehl." SKATE Magazine, Fall 1974




Gary Schmidt - Skate Magazine - Winter 1980Schmidt, Gary


Pro: Ron Jellse
Rink: Harp's and Beechmont (Cincinnati)
National Titles: Sophomore Mens Figures 1975; Junior Mens figures 1977; American Junior Mens 1977;

Misc: Placed second at the National Sports Festival II 1979;


"During his freestyle competition, the Cincinnati native concentrates on the audience and responds to the mood and applause. Since taking up International competition, which requires skating figures, he has learned to block out everything when tracing the painted figures. For Schmidt, competing is the best part of skating." SKATE Magazine, Summer 1979





Smith & Howard - Skate Magazine - Summer 1979Smith (Cindy) & Howard (Mark)


From: Richmond, VA
Pro(s): Jane Puracchio, Warren Danner
Rink: Golden Skateway
National Titles: American Elementary Dance 1972; American Free Dance 1976;

Misc: Mark holds the following national championships: Elementary Boys Figures 1971, 1972; International Freshman Boys 1973; and Freshman Boys Figures 1974;  Cindy placed first in Freshman Girls Figures 1974; Both placed 5th in the World Championships 1979; Placed 3rd in the 1979 National Sports Festival II;


"Since 1972, the team has won seven placements at the National Championships, beginning with a first place in American Elementary Dance seven years ago. The Smith/Howard team is known for including difficult footwork in their routines. Howard noted that using your feet "is why you have skates on," and his team intends to show their audience they can skate." SKATE Magazine, Summer 1979


Spoletti & Gaudy - Skate Magazine -Winter 1973Spoleti (Marie) & Gaudy (Joseph)


From: Brooklyn, NY
Pro: Charles Wahlig
National Titles: American Senior Dance 1972; American Senior Dance 1973 (as Marie Gaudy);



American Championships 1972: "Finally the skating was over, and after much deliberation, the judges were out on the floor with their final placements. For the first time since the contest had begun, the crowd grew quiet. The winners were Joseph Gaudy and Marie Spoleti, from Capitol Skating Club in Dover, Delaware. They had defeated the defending Champions, Bob and Elayne Leonard. Both teams had skated beautifully and the judges split three for Gaudy and Spoleti and two for the Leonards. This was the first time that defending Champions in Senior Dance had been defeated." SKATE Magazine, Winter 1973

Skate Magazine - Winter 1974Stovall & Handyside - Skate Magazine - Winter 1974Stovall (Louis) & Handyside (Vicki)


From: Garden Grove, California

Pro:  Jack Maguire

Rink: Holiday Roller Rink III

National Titles:

Misc: World Pairs Champs 1973; Both won Senior Fours in 1972 (with Pat Hughes and Rick Weber);


" 'Attending two World Championships has been a fantastic experience for me," comments Louis. "I think it is the greatest place to attend in order to watch and learn many different styles of skating. Also, just to be a competitor in any type of World Competition is a great thrill and honor, especially when you are from the United States where athletic ability is so important.' " SKATE Magazine, Winter 1974


Strube & Mitchell - Skate Magazine - Winter 1979Strube (Je're) & Mitchell (Tim)


From: Phoenix

Pro: Al Thompson


National Titles: Freshman Dance 1978;

Misc: I have been informed that Mr. Mitchell has passed away (in Arizona). My deepest condolences to his family. (Thanks CPH for the info.)


American Championships, 1978: "Tim Mitchell and Je're Strube, the 1978 American Freshman Dance Champions, skated their way into the hearts of many who viewed their routine. Tim and Je're, both of Phoenix, Arizona, have skated together for three years. At this year's competition, Tim and Je're executed their nationals routine with the patience and grace of true champions. They skated without the on-the-spot coaching of their pro, Al Thompson, who was unable to attend the competition." SKATE Magazine, Fall 1978

Lynn Suwinksi - Skate Magazine - Winter 1979Suwinksi, Lynn


From: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Pro(s): Patricia Gagnon, Richard Gagnon

Rink: Ambassasdor Skating Rink

National Titles: Primary Girls Figures 1977; 1978;


"There's a quiet determination about this young beauty that belies her years. Unassuming, her voice reflects a sense of patience. 'To be good, you have to put a lot of practice into it; you have to allow yourself time. If I have trouble getting something down, I have to keep working on it. I can't leave it until I get it right.' " SKATE Magazine, Winter 1979

Darlene Winters - Skate Magazine - Winter 1977Waters, Darlene (Edwards)


Pro(s): Don Gates, Jerry Waters

Rink: Diaper Division 1956; Elementary Girls 1959, 1960, 1961; Freshman Girls 1964; Senior Pairs (with Mark Revere) 1974; Senior Pairs (with Ron Sabo) 1975;

National Titles:

Misc:  World Pairs Champion (with Ron Sabo) 1975 and 1976;


American Championships, 1974: "But, Mark Revere and Darlene Waters (the former Darlene Edwards) skating together for their first time in Senior Pairs, made it quite clear that they had their eyes on the title. Mark, changing to Pairs this year after winning Senior Mens last year, proved his versatility in skating, as he and Darlene presented an exceptional program, highlighted by their strong, individual skating abilities and their excellent spin techniques. Despite the fact that Mark and Darlene had only placed third in eliminations, they performed their classical routine error free to capture them the Senior Pairs Championship in the finals. " SKATE Magazine, Fall 1974

Mary Wilcox - Skate Magazine - Summer 1970Wilcox, Mary Sue


From: Salt Lake City, Utah

Pro: Jay Norcross


National Titles: Elementary Girls 1962; Freshman Girls 1963; Senior Ladies 1967; Senior Ladies 1969;

Misc: User submitted info: "The rink she skated at was Rustic Rink in Bountiful Utah. My parents owned that rink, and my father gave Mary Sue a key, so she could come in and practice any time she wanted. Her coach was Jay Norcross of Greeley Colorado. Several times a year, Mary Sue would take a Greyhound bus to Greeley, for coaching. Dad introduced her to Jay." - E. Reed. (Thanks!)


"Having competed in 2 world championships (In England in 1967 and Spain in 1968) Mary Sue has her eyes on the 1970 World Championship in Lincoln. Since she is notable weak in figures , her hardest concentration has been in that area. She finds figures tedious. She would rather take to the floor and explode in all her vitality. Among her skating activities since her win at Little Rock, has been a trip to Spokane, Washington where she was invited to skate for a March of Dimes, telerama and to the Tampa Gasparilla in Tampa, Florida where a USIC try out meet was held in which she placed first. The big star on her horizon is conquering the world crown. Her work and her devotion is pointed at winning in the USIC eliminations and overthrowing the Europeans who have dominated the scene for some time. " SKATE Magazine, Summer 1970