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Cover Photo of Kevine and Kendalle Roudebush (age 22 mos)


S/Sgt. Robert M. Mann

Editorial: Roller Skating Supports New March of Dimes
You Be the Judge Page(s) 10, 11, 12

George Pickard wants to see growth in the ranks of qualified skating judges

Skate Shorts Page(s) 13
  • James Mohler is now teaching at Senator Rollerdrome in Sacramento, California
  • Rob Wollard is studying physics at UCLA
  • George Bergin's new rink is in Michigan
  • Jim Wall's 10 kids are all amateur skaters
  • Births: Bob LaBriola has a new son; George Pickard has a new son
  • Ray Williams will now teach in Australia
Where to Get Skating Patterns Page(s) 14
Official    (Plaque Openings, Amateur Ruling)
Dance: Broadway Blues Page(s) 16
Professionals.. Which Are You? Page(s) 17

Jack Browne discusses skating professionals and their many categories

Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Hinkle family at their Skateland in Ohio  P
  • Graduating Girl Scout troupe at Jet Roller Rink  P
  • Suzanne Richardson Pickard with new son Michael  P
  • 350 attended the "Pepsi" party at the Roll-Arena in Dunkirk  P
  • Paul Boehm, Pam Cornwall, Dick Guthrie, Joyce Barnett, Robert Hill, Barbara Slazer  P
  • Jimmie Harvey (age 11 mos)
  • Some of the dance winners of the Invitational Illinois Inter-Rink Contest  P
  • Jeanne Desormeaux and Ray Cook  P
Officers of your RSROA
Gold Medal Test Results  - Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of Lanette Adams, Jean Reinhardt, Berta Riley, Linda Sather and Rose Freeny


Garland White, Philip Grumbach, Bruce Parker, Ralph Barker, Ray Williams

Resolution - RSROA Proclaims Feb. 8 Thru 14 "National Roller Rink Week for the Heart Fund"
Skate Photo Quiz
Skate Shorts Page(s) 12
  • Miriam Centaro is coming out of retirement
  • Revere Skating Arena (Massachusetts) was flooded
  • Troy Braswell was elected president of the local Kiwanis Club
Meet Your Champs:    Mary Elizabeth Merrell Page(s) 13
Fashions:  The Big Thing? Pleated Skirts! Pages(s) 14
Tacoma Roller Bowl Show    P
If You Don't--Who Else Will? Page(s)  16

About "circus antics" in Pairs and Fours routines

Roll-Land Anniversary Party    P
Dance: Sacramento Swing Page(s)  19
RSROA Supports Heart Fund  - Skateland Meet Has 153 Entries - Durand Elected by Ohio SRSTA  Page(s)  20
Name 23 New No.3 (Gold Dance Judges) - Densol Names New Officer Page(s)  21
Official: Results of RSROA Semi-Annual Board Meeting Page(s) 22
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Melody Dias (age 8)  P
  • A portion of 64 skaters who passed proficiency tests at the Ambassador Roller Rink  P
  • Sharon Porter (age 8) passed her Silver Bar dance test  P
  • Sandra Malo sold the most tickets and won a pair of precision skates P
  • Bradley Zimmer with his many trophies  P
  • Bobby Tenace (age 7) with his plaques for speed skating with John Drewry  P
  • Charlotte Ramsey had over 200 guests at her birthday party  P
Officer of Your RSROA
Gold Medal Test Resutls - Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of the Starlighter Ram Rods of St.Mary's Roller Rink (Texas)


Paul Robinson, Darleen Sovocool, James Kramer, Tom Panno, Rob Wollard

Editorial:  Protect Your Amateur Status  - The Call is Answered
The Outside Forward Loop   P Page(s) 10 11 12
Skate Shorts Page(s) 13
  • International Olympic Committee's snub of roller skating
  • Chet Naro outlines the roller hockey program at his rink
  • Senior Mens figures will have its own Challenge Plaque
"Play Hockey"  Page(s) 15

Joe Spillman explores the growing popularity of American Roller Hockey

Fashions:  Good News for Knitters Page(s) 16
Championship Sites & Dates
Dance:  Hurricane Page(s) 18
Meet Your Champs:  Claire Farrell Page(s) 19
News Page(s) 21
  • Wisconsin Rinks Form Chapter
  • Hi-Hat Holda Annual Show
  • Speed Derby Sets Meet
  • '61 Dance Schedule
  • RSROA Rinks Forward Funds
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Henry Crist (age 11) and Danny Shaw (age 16)  P
  • Lee Viningre  P
  • Gary Ingle, Margaret Douglas, Joann Males, Vance Kennedy, Pat Pehnke and Loren Worsham P
  • March of Dimes skating party at the Hudson Roller Rink  P
  • Members of the Oak Lawn Dance & Figure Club
  • Winners of the Moonlight Gardens Roller Rink Invitational Meet  P
Officers of the RSROA
Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of the Dunn family from Biloxi, Mississippi


Michael Cuprink, Dorothy Wollard, Andrea Szewczyk, Karl Korth, Marlene Bruland

Editorial  "Just the Facts Ma'am"
Photo:  Randy Jay Mesalam (age 3)
Roller Skating is Family Fun
  • The Morris family of Bellaire Skating Rink  P
  • Gibb Millers of Moultrie, GA  P
  • The Andersons of Biloxi, Mississippi  P
  • The Skrmettas of Biloxi  P
  • The Von Cannons of High Point, NC  P
Skate Shorts Page(s) 14
  • Rob Wollard will be on hand for the American Championships
  • Dick McLauchlen conducted a clinic for professionals
  • T.T. Johnson is feeling better
News   Page(s) 15
  • Commission News
  • Hockey Pictures are Requested
  • Mrs. Washam named to council
  • Bombay, India, skaters read SKATE magazine  P
Fashions : Where to Buy Skating Apparel
Skate Photo Quiz
Dance: Academy Blues Page(s) 18
Meet Your Champs:  Jerry Gohs Page(s) 19
Wolcott Heart Fund Party  P
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Linda Gills  P
  • Moses Lake Skating Club's March of Dimes party  P
  • Edgar Watrous and Sylvia Haffke  P
  • Marsha Simms and Linda Hoff  P
  • Mark Houser (age 11 mos)  P
  • Skaters from the Rainbow Rink (Houston, Texas)  P
  • Skaters from the Ludendi Roller Drome  P
  • Julia Allen of Tui Glen, Auckland, New Zealand  P
Officers of Your RSROA
Gold Medal Test Results - Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of the Roller Follies Show (College View Roller Palace)


Mrs. Mary E. Schreiber, Walter Catton Jr., Janet Phillips, George A. Hull, William Hon, Charles Main

The Stollery's Retire   P

Margaret and Ted Stollery, owners of the Rolladium, retire

"Doctoring the Dance" Page(s) 10, 11, 12

George Pickard examines trouble spots in skate dance

  • Change in Meet date
  • Championship Hotels, Motels
  • Test Card Provisions
  • Amateur Status Decisions
Championship Plans Set

Little Rock will host the 1960 American Amateur Roller Skating Championships

Who Belongs in the Back Seat? Page(s) 15

Arliss Snyder offers a view on Ice Skating in the Winter Olympics

Skate Shorts Page(s) 16
  • Wal-Cliff Roller Rink shall be rebuilt after a fire
  • Mr. and Mrs. Victor Brown escaped a car accident
  • Dick McLauchlen would like to hear from skating teachers who are looking for employment
  • Sally Peabody wed Joseph Zetts
  • Esther Whitney and her rink, Hi-Hat Rollaway, raised money for charity
Meet Your Champs Page(s)  20

Meet Paulette Stewart, 1959 Senior American Ladies figures Champion  P

Charity Skating Marathon

125 skaters from the South Cobb Roller Rink participated in a 20 mile skating marathon for charity  P

Roller Hockey Scoreboard - Interest in Roller Hockey Spreading
Dance: Charlie Cha-Cha  Page(s) 20
Little Rock's Tourist Attraction
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Lakeside Roller Rink held a "Welcome Round up"  P
  • Marie Peaslee  P
  • Winners of the Ambassador Roller Rink Dance Contest  P
  • Queen of Hearts, Anne Cholley and her court (Rollatorium, Ohio)  P
  • Marlene & Bill Bowman  P
  • Bill Harris (age 14) and Jackie Woods (age 12)  P
  • Ronald Steffey and Sue Bourland P
Officers of the RSROA of America
Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of the T.H. Barton Coliseum (Arkansas)


Gordon Bennett, Larry Maurice, Mrs. E. C. Croes, Michael Cuprik

Official - Notice of 1960 Convention and Championships
American Championships Schedule of Events
Predict Biggest and Best American Championship

Everything is ready for what will be the biggest and finest American Roller Skating championship P

Little Rock Hotels and Motels
Little Rock's Tourist Attraction
Skate Shorts Page(s) 14
  • Ronnie Chriss  P
  • Gail Erikesen  and Bill Pate coach winners
Champion of Champions: The Thrilling Story of the '59 Senior Mens Finals Page(s) 16, 17

Tommy Lane talks about champion skater Jim Mohler  P

RSROA Roller Hockey Clubs
Four of a Kind Page(s) 20, 21
About the fours team of Bob Ryder, Fran Clerc, Joy Martin and Chic Duvall  P
Annual Starlighter's Ball

St. Mary Roller Rink's annual club Dance  P

Fashions - Where to Buy?
Peralis Wins Marathon -  Gold Medal Test Set
Meet Your Champs - Darrell Glenn   P Page(s) 27
  • Notice for Speed Skaters
  • State, Regional Meet Date Changes
  • Amateur Meetings in Little Rock
  • Deadline on Judges Applications
  • Drewry, Calvano Win Derby Speed Event
Roller Hockey Teams
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Winners of the 10 months Dance Elimination contest  P
  • Gay Swallow number in the Aurora Skate Ranch show  P
  • Skaters in the Huck Finn number in the Spinning Wheels Roller Rink Show  P
  • Some of the members of the Mothers coffee and cake class at the Mt. Clemens Arena  P
  • Skater in the Wonderful Waltz number in Skateland Roller Rink's annual show  P
  • Tootsie Loes  P
  • Dequita Jan P
  • Frank Davis demonstrates a move to a class  P
  • Gary Haffke (age 2 and a half)  P
  • Hettie Sue Ebersole  (age 9)  P
Officers of Your RSROA
Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of Joyce Barnett, Susan Marie Huber and Brenda Carter


Mrs. R. R. Y., Bob Amper, Henry Haffke

"Texas Tornado" Sweeps Championships Page(s) 89

About champion skater Paul Boehm (and Pam Cornwall)  P

Skate Shorts Page(s) 10
  • Carolyn Sliger's winning record
  • Street race down the main stem of Little Rock
  • Lynn Anselmi's skating show
  • Paul Boehm winning four American titles
  • Darlene Edwards' determination
  • George Grudza smashed the 19 year old record in Senior Men's 5 miles race
Pontiac Wins Haney Trophy     P  - Roller Skating Mourns Mitchell's Page(s) 11
News Page(s) 12
  • Joyce Barnette Named Queen  P
  • Pallomar Sets Speed Meet
  • Rando Elected President  P
Nebraska Skater Featured On "This is Your Life" Page(s) 13

Karen Rogers was featured on this hit show  P

Championships Photos  P
35 Earn Gold Medals - Norman Malone Wins Top RSROA Sissy Award Page(s) 21
Official Results of 1960 American Championships Page(s) 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • 27 of 34 Skaters from Hudsons Roller Rink  P
  • A portion of the 40 person who completed their Judge's course at Holliday Roller Rink P
  • Judges from the RSROA eastern region discuss common problems  P
  • Girl Scout graduating class at the Moonlight Skating Palace  P
  • Members of the Wooster Skating Club (Ohio)  P
  • Min and Harper Spencer of Skateland  P
Officers of Your RSROA of America
Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of Jerlyn Davis


Mrs. L.J. Kelly, Charles O'Neal

 News Page(s) 8
  • Twelve Master Teachers Named by RSROA; SRSTA Program Revised
  • Joseph Seifert Passes Away
  • 1961 Hockey Championships OK'd By Board
Skate Salutes Oklahoma Miss: Active Schedule Keeps Talented Skater Happy Page(s) 9

About skater Jerlyn Davis

Skate Shorts Page(s) 10
  • Eddie O'Neill was a recent guest on NBC T'V's Children's Theater
  • Robert Mann and family visited the RSROA National Office
  • Al Kish celebrates 20 years as operator of the Pearson Park Roller Rink
  • South Cobb Roller Rink celebrated its first anniversaries
  • Bob Wollard turned pro
  • George Pickard now teaches at the Rollercade Skate Rink
  • Births: Laurene and Bud Patton have a new son (Greig)
  • Jim Grey visisted the RSROA offices
Results of RSROA Board of Control Meeting
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Tradwinds Roller Rink's new snack bar  P
  • Aunt Elsie and Uncle Ed Kempf  P
  • Winners of a Bay Area Invitational from Skate Haven  P
  • Queen of Hearts was Carol Dysart  P
Development of Singles Efficiency Page(s) 14, 15, 16

George Pickard discusses what you need to become a good single skater

RSROA Competition Requirements for 1961
Official Dances (Diagrams) Page(s) 22, 23
  • Jo-Ann Tango
  • Dorand Fox Trot
  • Saginaw
  • Princeton Polka
  • Willow Waltz
  • Border Blues
  • Springs Blues
  • Academy Blues
Fashions: Trend Toward Softer Materials Page(s) 24
Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of Nancy Lou Johnson

Photo: Karen Rogers of Ashland, Nebraska  P
Judges' Corner Page(s) 8
News Page(s) 9
  • 1961 Championships Go to Fort Worth
  • SRSTA Teacher Program Hailed
  • Meeting Notice
  • Hockey Notice
  • Free Skating Correction
General Jumping Technique Page(s) 10, 11

George Pickard's second essay in a series on singles skating

The Axel Paulsen Jump Page(s) 12, 13
Vineland Show

Vineland (NJ) skate show  P

Meet Your Champs - Nancy Lou Johnson  Page(s) 15

About young skater Nancy Lou Johnson  P

William J. Egan, RSROA Advisory Counsel, Dies
Skate Crossword Puzzle
Fashions:  3-in-1 Costume Page(s) 20
Moses Lakes Show

This Washington rink played host to a skate show  P

Wal-Cliffe Reunion
Over 1200 people turned out for the reunion of the Wal-Cliffe skating club  P
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Kathy Wofford  P
  • Barbara and Bruce Pearson  P
  • Graduating Girl Scout class at Spencer's Skateland  P
Officers of Your RSROA of America
Proficiency Tests


Photo: Susan Yee
Judge's Corner
Merilark Show     P
Toe Steps and Toe Point Jumping Page(s) 10, 11, 12

George Pickard's third entry in a series on singles skating

Jimmy Fund Show

New England Chapter's Jimmy Fund Benefit show  P

Of Timing and The Dance Page(s) 14, 15

Arliss Snyder discusses the importance of timing in Dance skating

Fashions:  Skating Patterns Page(s) 16
Meet Your Champs: George Grudza Page(s) 17

About speed skater George Grudza  P

Official Dances Page(s) 20
  • California Swing
  • Delicado
  • Blanciega
  • Academy Blues
Rolling Around the Rinks
  • Springfield Lake Roller Rink's Sixth Annual All-Ohio Dance contest    P
  • Mr. and Mrs. Art Hagness  P
  • Winning teams at a recent Dance of the Month Contest held at the Berthana Roller Rink  P
  • Some of the younger members of the Rainbow Speed Club  P
  • Charlene Drummond (age 7)  P
Skate Crossword Puzzle
Officers of Your RSROA
Rink Listings
Proficiency Tests