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Cover Photo of Ron Sabo and Sue McDonald


Catherine Johnson, Ann Johnson, Cecelia Johnson, Michael Hoppel, Dick Yates,  Sue Collins, Kathleen Welton

Judges Scoreboard
As It Happened Page(s) 6  7
  • Flash! The RSROA Tops McDonalds in MDA Contributions (Allen House, Fran Griggs, Cathy Cumbo)   P
  • In the News: Grandma Goes Skating (Mary Margaret Goreham)
  • USAC Friend, Dr. W.W. Mowder Passes Away
  • Barbara Wilson Carries on Family Tradition at MIT
  • World Champions Wed (Randy Dayney and Petra Haulser)
  • Pam Cornwall Weds (David Morris)
  • Californian Wedding (Elinor Jean Ringeison married Franklyn Hilton)
  • Roller Skating Chimp Acquitted
  • Baby Boy (Dick Kelly)
  • Sportsmanship Helps Tiny Tot Champions (Bryan Denning and Tracy Ferrie)  P
  • Rollems - The latest word in shoes  P
  • Baby Girl  (Dixie Juliana Jay)  P
"Oldest Active Skater" Pages(s) 8   9   10

Celebrating the long skating years of James Roat,  CJ Gerber, Everet McGill, Norman Bonell   P

Open Forum: International Dance Page(s) 12  13  14

Carl Henderson sounds off on the differences between American and International dance technique  P

Jonquil Blooms in the South Page(s) 16  17

The pros at Jonquil Skating Rink in Georgia   P

Sabo & McDonald Page(s)  18  19  20

About the world champion pairs team of Sue McDonald and Ron Sabo  P

Robin Wilcock Page(s) 22  23

About speed skater Robin Wilcock   P

Showman on Skates, Jim Bray Page(s) 24  25

About pairs/freestyle skater Jim Bray  P

RSROA Logo Contest
The Coachlite Lites the Way Page(s) 28  29

Coachlite Skate Center in Kansas City   P

Gold Medal Awards Page(s)  30
Proficiency Tests
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Cover Photo of John LaBriola and Debra Coyne

Regional & State Championships Sites

Howard C. Weir, Billy G. Chew, Edward Landry, Celia Strong  P

Gold Skate Classic Page(s) 6  7 8  9  30
Artistic & Speed Champ, Lisa Bergin Page(s) 10  11

Lisa Bergin is living proof that artistic and speed can be mixed  P

The Now Look

About the new looks for skate costumes  P

Official Notice
Skating Photo Contest
LaBriola & Coyne Page(s) 18  19  30

About the champion dance team of John LaBriola and Debra Coyne   P

Panel Forum: How to Be a Winning Speed Skater

Speed coach Charles Wahlig offers tips and advice for the beginning speed skater  P

As it Happened Page(s) 23
  • Baby Boy (Bud and Karen Doppee have a new baby)
  • Dance Champ Weds (Ralph Wait and Kay Biehn)
  • Better Stick to Skates, Bert (Bert Anselmi broke his leg skiing)
  • Sabo & McDonald on "To Tell the Truth"  P
  • Rink Operator Dies (Howard Strouse)
  • Wishing you Well (O.L. Tillinghast is recovering from surgery)
Levittown Skating Club Page(s)  24  25

The Levittown Club from East Meadow is steeped in excellence   P

Jerry Lewis Thanks Skaters
Judges Scoreboard


Cover Photo of Chris Snyder

Editorial: Skaters on TV Page(s)  1

Natalie Dunn on the Mike Douglas Show, John LaBriola and Debra Coyne with Ed McMahon on the MDA Campaign  P


Chuck Cook, Teddy B. Hardee, James Turner, Paul Baloga, Mike Goddard, Sandra Lee Wollin, Emu Gimbernat 

Championship Officials
Chris Snyder, A Competitive Spirit Page(s)  8  9

About speed champion Chris Snyder  P

Schedule of Events
The Beauty of Skating

David Leonardi's beautiful photography  P

Open Forum: The Long and Short of Pairs Skating Page(s)  14  15

Don Gates' commentary on the Short Program in competition  P

Body Awareness for Skaters
As It Happened Page(s) 18
  • Banquet And Awards
  • Skating Births (Vicki and Jim Handyside, Tim and Estella Abell)
  • Losses to Skating World (Joann Neiman)
  • New Event Proves Popular (Pairs Figures at the Skating Palace in Gainesville)  P
  • Riedell and Tillinghast Named to Hall of Fame
  • Whoops! (Mike Glatz and Carol Mear won second place at the Gold Skate Classic)
  • Wedding Bells (Dale Naro and Debbie Perkins)  P
Hotel/Motel Listing
Marian Pickup Page(s) 20  21

About dance skater Marian Pickup  P

RSROA Logo Winner
The Man Behind the Camera Page(s) 24

Randall Harbuck is the official photographer of the Roller Skating Championships  P

Around the Rinks  Page(s) 29
  • Skating Show Presented at Elks Club (Whatcom Country Skate Club puts on "Thoroughly Modern Millie")  P
  • Tony A Veteran at Age Four (Tony Hughes)  P
  • Football Pros Attend Rink Opening  P
Forrest Tucker on Skates
History of Dance
Judges Scoreboard
Classified Ads
Starlite Skate Center Page(s)   51

Starlite Skate Center in Daytona Beach, Florida  P


Cover Photo of Larry Chopp and Judy Landau


Ira Obana   P, Chuck Cook, Mary Hudspeth

Championship Speed Results
Championship Artistic Results Page(s) 10 11 12 13 14 15
Kimberly Braun, Roller Skate Queen
National Hockey Action
Skaters Raise $1,445,000 for MDA    Page(s) 20  21

Debra Coyne, John LaBriola, Mike and Darcy Felming, Debbie Isenhour and Royce Miller on TV  P

1975 Competitive Requirements
Official Notice
As it Happened Page(s) 33
  • Marriages (Kathy Savage and Harry Walsh, Janis Ford and James Brinsfield  P)
  • Amateur of the Year: Mary Thomas  P
  • Gas Shortage Promotes Roller Skating
  • Argentina Hockey Team Visits US
  • Lessons for Rollerball (James Caan takes skating lessons)
  • Births (John and Claire Esposito, Ron and Nancy Jellse)
Proficiency Tests