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"Roller Boogie features the roller skating disco dancing craze that is sweeping the country. As such, its music is something the youth (and some not so young) will want to hear, own, play and dance to. Casablanca Records has released the double-track album and tapes of the picture's score to coincide with the film's national release.

The album and tapes can do a tremendous selling job for the film. Get displays in windows and at counters of all record shops. Use stills and posters to supplement the displays. Also have album played in store and over P.A. system in your theatre between shows.

And, of course, the best bet of all, get them to the DJs. All you have to do is get them there. When they hear the album they'll play it.. And the fans will want to hear more and see the movie."

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Early Roller Boogie Ad

Roller Boogie - Magazine Ad

Of all the Roller Boogie stuff I have seen, this is the one thing I'm not so crazy about. It looks terrible in person.