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Several pages have been translated into English, thanks to cyber friend Meg in Kobe, Japan! (Thanks!).













English Translation

"Venice beach is an adorable place for roller-skaters. These roller-skaters come out of nowhere, and get together to roller-skating. At the beach, everywhere is the place for roller-skating. Young people are freewheeling on the street casually.

"Bobby James (Jim Bray) is an expert on skates, and works renting them to the visitors on the beach. He dreams of being a world champion of roller-skating, and is also skating with his friends also. Terry Barkley (Linda Blair) is a daughter of a rich lawyer in Beverly Hills. She is hanging out on the beach by sneaking away from her gorgeous residence. She puts blue swimwear and jogging pants on, and asks her close friend Lana (Kimberly Beck) to go for skating.

"At night, roller-skaters get together at Jammer's (Sean McClory) roller rink. Young people are dancing passionately with rhythm, to the latest music tunes from DJ booth in a wide rink. Among them, Bobby's dance catches everybody's eye. Jumping, skating backwards! and turns. He seems a star, with dancing beautifully by changing a partner.

"Bobby and Terry fall in love soon and they hook into the dream to be a winners of the Roller Boogie contest. One day, Bobby, Terry and their friends go to the rink. Once there, they listen secretly to important news. Gang men are holding a handgun on one hand and threaten owner Jammer, saying vacate from the rink, to be a shopping center!

"Next day, at Terry's residence, her father (Roger Perry) holds a concert and party. Bobby and his friends are also invited, and they totally knocked over, because the gangs were there! Her father hired the gangs. Bobby and his friends are running away, and the concert was messed up, party was also utterly spoiled. That made Terry angry.

"One night, Bobby danced alone at closed rink, Jammer drunk himself to sleep. This is the final night to dance here for Bobby. He jumps fully, turns, and skates. After the dance, there was Terry. They hold each other softly and kissed..."