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Cover Photo of Ron Sabo & Darlene Waters, Karen Mejia & Ray Chappatta, an Debbie Isenhour & Royce Miller

Roller Skating Accepted into '79 Pan American Games - USAC Officers Page(s) 5
1975 Artistic World Competitions Page(s) 6 7 8 9 10

Coverage of the World Championships held in Brisbane, Australia  P

They're Off.. to a Good Start in International Speed Competition

Fred Heine recaps several International Speed Meets that Team USA participated in their tour of Europe  P

As It Happened Page(s) 15
  • Births: Nancy High gave birth to Jennifer Lyn
  • Ron Sabo and Darlene Waters were recognized by Painesville, Ohio     P
  • Karen Mejia and Ray Chappatta participated in a local Chicago area television show     P
Leaping For the Stars: Kathleen O'Brien Page(s) 16 17

About figure skating champ Kathleen O'Brien  P

A New Year And A New You Page(s) 18 19

Melitta Brunner shares exercises that will help strengthen certain areas (ie ankles, stretched pointed toe, open hips, strengthen your back, attitude positions, well turned out free leg, sit spins, correct posture, improve balance..)  P

Skating in Rockefeller Center Page(s) 20  21

Keith King, The Rollerettes, Debbie Palm, Jane Puracchio, Kerry Cavazzi, Robin Dayney, Bill & Linda Hand, Karen Darling, and Richard Veliko were chose to skate at Rockefeller center in NYC  P

Around the Rinks Page(s)  22
  • Lindly Vickers  P
Why You Need a Good Fitting Skating Boot Page(s) 28 29

Riedell Shoes explains the importance of picking the right boot for your foot

Gresham Skate World: A Winter Wonderland Page(s) 32 33

Virginia and Nelson Hinman's beautiful rink in Gresham, Oregon

Gold Medal Awards Page(s) 36

Proficiency Tests


Cover Photo of Moana Brigham


Anne M. Berndt, Steve Chastant,

State/Regional Sites  (Meets)
Gold Skate Classic Page(s)  6  7

Coverage of the 11th annual Bakersfield event  P

As It Happened Page(s)  9
  • Now Professionals (Richard Veliko and Karen Darling are now pros)
  • Deaths (Arthur Englington)
  • Griffin Named Eastern Pro Of the Year (Elvin Griffin)  P
  • Riggs on Skates (Bobby Riggs)
  • Colorado Springs Welcomes Pros from "Down Under"
  • Births (Jerry & Elayne Nista, Ginny & Bill Houle, James Turner and Janet)
  • Friendly Competitors (Keith King and Leonardo Lienhard)  P
Skating in Vaudeville

The Flukes were vaudeville skaters   P

Where It All Began

In this Bicentennial year, we take a look backward to our past  P

Dance Liberalization

Due to similarity in content found in International and American styles of Dance, the USAC Board determined that the two forms should be combined into a single Dance division   P

Moana Brigham Page(s) 16  17  18

Princess on wheels   P

Around the Rinks Page(s) 20
  • Skating "Fun Night" For School of Blind 
  • Can You Beat This?   P
  • Skating Shows Successful  P
Official Notice
Hot Wheels Roller Rink Page(s)  24  25

Hot Wheels Skateland in Austin, Texas  P

Proficiency Tests
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Cover photo of Deborah Raeburn

Editorial:  Skaters Salute the Bicentennial
USAC Officers
Letters  -  RSROA Officers

Lillian Eggleston; Karen Humphrey; Ella Beers

Schedule of Events: US Amateur Roller Skating Championships
Championship Officials
Important Notice: Change in National Championship Schedule
Tim Small: Leading the Pack Page(s) 12 13

About speed champion Tim Small   P

Open Forum: Free Dance Page(s) 14 15

Mike Etue discuses judging in free dance

The Family That Skate Together... Page(s) 16 17 18

There are some great families that skate together; The Dunns (Natalie, Leslie), The Roycrafts (Jim, Jayne, Joyce and Tom), The Guzmans (Larry and Beckie),  The Carrolls (Rose Marie and Billy Joe), The Colemans (Robbie and Rhonda), The Pattons (Greig and Stacey), The Schillbergs (Debra, Irene, Tim, Diane, and Eddie), The MacDonalds (Kandi, Kaylan, Derek, Kenya, and Bruce), The Seljestads (Scottie and Neil)   P

Win the Presidential Sports Award for Roller Skating
Skating Your Way to Physical Fitness  Page(s) 22 23

The benefits of roller skating to your health

Waiting to Win Worlds  Page(s) 24 25

About champion skater Debbie Palm   P

On Judging  Page(s) 26 27

Fleurette Arseneault, Gary Fudge, and Marian Pickup talk about being judges   P

As It Happened  Page(s) 29
  • Death: Mark Lebeda
  • The Northwest Chapter honored three skaters at their annual Skater of the Year Banquet (Anna Conklin, Bob Hemphil, and Curtis Cook)
  • Joe Nazzaro was "roasted" by the Southwest Pacific Region as their '76 Man of the Year
  • Fleurette Arseneault and Edward Nilson were awarded the New England Skaters of the Year  P
  • Marriage: Keri Malone and Berry Delien were married on skates  P
Kelley Page(s) 30 31

About four time national speed champion Kelley Williams   P

Who Skates? : Sound Guides the Way for Blind Skater Page(s) 32

About Linda Koller and her accomplishments in skating while sight impaired  P

Proficiency Tests
Roller Skating Suppliers & Manufacturers Members


Editorial: Worlds
RSROA Officers
Pam Am Games Update - USAC Officers
As It Happened  Page(s) 7
  • Dennis Snead was awarded "Amateur of  the Year Award" at this year's National Championships  P
  • Clint Shaw broke another record for endurance in roller skating
  • Jane Ballerini won New Zealand's version of the Gold Skate Classic  P
  • George Apdale was inducted as a member of the Hall of Fame  P
  • Death: George K. Hammond
Artistry on Wheels   Page(s) 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Coverage of the 1976 National Artistic Championships from Fort Worth, Texas  with results  P

On To New Records Page(s) 16 17 18 19 20

Coverage of the 1976 National Speed Championships from Fort Worth, Texas with results  P

Hockey Championships Page(s) 23

Coverage of the 1976 Hockey Championships  P

Championships Candid Camera  P
A Day for a Queen  Page(s) 26 27

Meet the contestants from 1976's Queen competition  P

Believe This or Not
Competition Requirements for 1976-77
International Competition Requirements for 1976-77
Official Notice
Proficiency Tests
Roller Skating Suppliers & Manufacturers Members