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Cover Photo of Jane Pankey & Richard Horne


Grady Merrell, Richard M. Levine, Richard M. Bebeau

Charles Cahill Resignation Page(s)  3

Charles E. Cahill submitted his resignation as RSROA Executive Director effective December 1, 1971       P

World Champions (Cover Story) Page(s)  4   5   6

About the champion dance team of Jane Pankey and Richard Horne    P

Hockey: Muncie Style
Ralph, the Wonder Dog Page(s)  8  9

Joe and Nancie's dog Wonder is a regular fixture at Skyborn Skateland in Fairborn, Ohio   P

Medical Report on Roller Skating Page(s) 10  11

Dr. Kenneth Rose conducted an extensive test on the values of roller skating as a program for physical maintenance and development   P

Ray McDonnell: Proficiency Test King Page(s) 12  13  14

McDonnell's club, the Seven Hills Figure Skating Club, won the 1971 RSROA Proficiency Test Award   P

Around the Rinks Page(s)  15
  • Charles Cahill and Frank Cernik start Rencor   P
  • Roy Johnson's family has three generations of dedicated skaters   P
  • Mr & Mrs Harsch (Owners of the Rolladium in OR) show off their SKATE license plate  P
  • The 1971 Macy's Christmas Parade in NYC featured roller skaters   P
International: German Seminar Page(s) 16  17

Roller skating teachers, officials and competitors from seven nations held a meeting during International Roller Skating Week at Garmisch-Partenkirchen   P

Judges Scoreboard
As It Happened Page(s) 20  21
  • Lillian Bauch was on "To Tell the Truth"   P
  • Uncle Ed is doing fine
  • 1972 World Artistic Championships will be held in Bremen, West Germany
  • Muriel and Bill Littlefield had a baby
  • Wedding Belles: (Donna Askins & John Nazzaro  P,  Janet Cyll & Ron Robovitsky,  Marcia Smith & Alan Krieger,  Linda Marlars & Michael Filograsso)
  • Snow Bird With Broken Wing (Marilyn Norcross broke her arm)
  • School Daze for Marie Walker
  • Santa You Fill A Nice Stocking (Skaters help Orange County toys for Tots)  P
State & Regional Championship Sites
Official Notices: Competitive Changes
International Style Event Requirements
International Style Dance Diagrams

Style "B" Waltz  (PDF)

Page 34

Carlos Tango & Country Polka (PDF)

Page 35

Straight Waltz  & 120 Waltz (PDF)

Page 36

Collegiate & Rotation Fox Trot   (PDF)

Page 37

Rotation Fox Trot (Cont'd) & Karen Lee Tango  (PDF)

Page 38

Karen Lee Tango (Cont'd) & Flirtation Waltz (PDF)

Page 39
American Event Requirements For 1972
Proficiency Test Listings


Cover Photo of Judy Jerue, Karen Marshall, Richard Toon and Dennis Collier

Merger Congratulations
FIRS Merger Recognition

Jack McManus, Kenneth D. Rose

Old Timers Page(s) 6  7  8  9

Meet some folks who have managed to enjoy looking and feeling young through roller skating  P

American Championship Fours Page(s) 10  11

About the Fours team of Judy Jerue, Richard Toon, Karen Marshall, and Dennis Collier   P

Former Roller Derby Star  (Clarice Martin Gerych) 
As It Happened Page(s) 15
  • Wedding Bells: (Debbie Cahill & Curtis Hargraves  P,  Fay Dorgan & Gary Duff)
  • Skaters Donate Blood to Friend
  • Winsome Lass (Skate Queen Ellen Meade was named Miss St. Petersburg)  P
  • In Memory of Joe Spillman   P
  • Roy Chaplin passed away
  • Robert P. Amper passed away
International Figure Skating Page(s) 16  17

Ron Fitzgerald explains differences and techniques of the international figures (with diagrams)  P

Michael Jacques Page(s) 18  19

About champion skater Michael Jacques (aka Mr. Free Style)  P

Official Notice
Italian Speed Style
Susie Johnson Page(s) 27

Versatile and Victorious figure skater  P

Judges Scoreboard
State and Regional Championship Sites
American International Seminars
Proficiency Tests
Around the Rinks Page(s)  38  39
  • They Had So Many Children They Didn't Know What to Do! (Jim & Sharon Jensen host lots of kids in their Tiny Tots sessions)  P
  • Heart of Gold (Gold Coast Roller Rink held a clothing drive during their Valentine's Day party) P
  • Skating Down the Yellow Brick Road  (Babb's Roller Skating Club performed Wizard of Oz)  P
  • Skateway Roller Rink hosted a troop of Girls Scouts  P
  • Sherry Frey was a candidate for Miss Teenage America  P
  • Mr & Mrs Ralph McCord celebrate their new rink  P
  • Special Skates Help Jerry to Skate Again (Jerry Cherry)  P
  • They Found a Dance They Really Enjoyed!  (Nezvenskys family all skate)  P


Cover Photo of Jamie London


Leroy Hicks, Audrey M. Payton 

New RSROA President Page(s) 2

Burt Anselmi was elected the new President, succeding Seth Scott of Lincoln, Nebraska  P

As It Happened Page(s) 5
  • Pedestrian or Roller Skater?
  • Ron Milton Honored
  • Accident Brings Tragedy (Mike Pearson died tragically)
  • Professor on Wheels (Miss Frances Abbott)
  • A Loss to Roller Skating (Uncle Ed Kempf has passed)  P
  • Team Pairs Up! (Marcia Whitaker and Stacy Blevins wed)  P
  • 2nd Annual International Style Outdoor Speed Meet
Jamie London (Cover) Page(s) 6  7

About speed and art skater Jamie London   P

The Glitter of Gold Page(s) 8  10

7th Annual Gold Skate Classic held in Bakersfield , California  P

Developments in Puck Hockey
Around the Rinks Page(s) 14  15
  • No Skating Generation Gap  (Sean Hilbert)  P
  • Skate Plates (Howie Weir's new license plate)  P
  • A Chat with the Governor (Bob Hemphill's hockey team met with Gov Daniel Evans)  P
  • Girl Scouts Everywhere  P
  • Happy Birthday Pete! (Pete Panno's birthday)  P
  • Skating Sailor (Paul Soucey)  P
Randi Cooper Page(s) 16  17

About skater Randi Cooper    P

Official Notice
Panel Forum:  The Free Dance Page(s)  21

by Barbra Bakos

35th Anniversary
Championship Schedule
A Peek Behind the Scenes Page(s) 28  29

Brookpark Skateland skating club in Cleveland put on a Christmas skating show  P

Judges Scoreboard
Creten and Fudge Page(s)  32  33

About the dance team of Marcie Creten and Gary Fudge   P

Proficiency Tests
Ft. Worth Hotel Listing
Judges Panel


Cover Photo of Deborah Styles


Richard A. Jones, Wendy Sebald, Stan Babiec,  Gary Castro,  Ione L. Ball, Darlene Barile, Marie Walker 

Championship Awards
  • Bill Walter  P
  • Beverly Shien  P
  • Ray McDonnell  P
  • Jack Kelly, Bert Anselmi, George Werner and Budd Van Roekel  P
  • Al Nicol  P
  • Charlie Santoro  P
As It Happened Page(s)  6
  • Summer Wedding (Cynthia Stilly and Paul Schumann)
  • Hawaiian Honeymooners  (Bill Norberg and Dolores Amatuzio)  P
  • Vacation Mishap (Mrs. Carl Smith was hit by a car)
  • Happy 31st (Gayety Roller Rink celebrates 31 years in business)
  • Speed Kid (Mr & Mrs Michael L. Layport have a new baby)
  • Skater Overcomes Poor Conditions (Warren Latchford)  P
  • Skater Chams'em (Debra Terilynn Britton)  P
  • Former Rink Operator Dies  (William Davis)  P
  • A Skating Match (Sandra Lynn McGuire wed Daniel Jonathan Nelson) 
A Most Welcome Guest Page(s)  7

John B. Kelly attended the Pro-Am dinner held during the US Championships in Fort Worth   P

American Championship Results Page(s) 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 17
A Royal Affair Page(s) 18  19

Coverage of the 1972 Roller Skating Queen Pageant   P

Championship Speed Results
Candid Camera
World Hockey
Proficiency Test & Amateur Card Winners Page(s)  31
International Championship Results Page(s) 32 33 34
World Team Page(s) 35
Around the Rinks Page(s) 37

For Muscular Dystrophy  P

Proficiency Tests